Training, Documentation & Translation Services


Training Services

We have experience creating, delivering and managing technical training for IT, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Banking, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Renewables & Energy Efficiency (LED & Solar Technologies), and General Computing.

In addition to Technical Training, we also deliver training for the following topics: Business (Sales & Procurement), Management, Negotiation, General Administration, Entrepreneurship, “Time & Priority Management”, etc.

We can deliver half-day workshops based on any of those areas. For instance, we had delivered workshops for the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (our Founder worked in the Covey Leadership Centre and is an advocate of this value centred time & priorities approach).

As expert of Collaboration, Business Transformation and Change Management, our founder also can deliver half-day workshops on the following topics: “Collaborative Teamwork”, “Business Process Analysis & Re-Design”, and “Change Management”.

We have experience delivering training to a wide range of audiences: administrative and technical staff, professionals, physicians, undergraduates as well as general public. We can deliver classroom-based or Web-based training (Webinars), or we can help you to prepare and deliver your own training (train the trainer).

Documentation Services

We can help you to produce high quality, professional Technical manuals, HowTos, Job Aids, Computer Based Training Systems, on-line help systems, etc. Among our clients we can mention: FreeBalance (Canadian Government Software developer firm), NOVARTIS, TELECHEQUE, REDBANC.

Our founder is an expert in Structured Documentation techniques, which can save you time in producing, updating and creating documentation, allowing you to manage versions, etc., as it is required for complying with ITIL or ISO standards.

See an example of one of our publications for our client NITAX Financial Services, which consisted in the Design, Compilation and Optimizations of a Folio Views Infobase, with its corresponding Distribution media, of the Nigeria Tax Laws (NTL) 2015 edition (to download a demo installer, click here).

Translation Services

We can provide “Technical Translation Services” from/into English, French, Spanish on a wide range of disciplines: Business, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Electronics, Oil & Gas, Construction, Engineering, etc.

To inquire about custom “Training or Documentation Services”, please CONTACT US!