Situational Analysis

“As many as 20% of mortgages could go into arrears if the economic situation in Canada does not improve, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.’s Even Siddall said”. Also, “The CMHC sees housing prices declining between nine and 18 per cent over the next 12 months. Those estimates are loosely in line with an earlier projection by DBRS Morningstar, a credit rating agency, says which says housing prices could fall between 10 and 15 per cent by 2022.” Therefore, instead of buying an existing home, it seems a good idea for first time home owners to build themselves their first home.
Source: ‘Bloody terrifying’: COVID-19 will raise household debt levels and ‘drag on GDP growth,’ CMHC warns

The first decision you need to make when starting an ecological life style is to choose the right small-footprint house, and also to decide if you will build your home yourself or you will hire others to build it. Usually people hire construction companies because of the complex processes involved when building a home (hiring an architect to make a design that suits you, then hiring a project manager to manage the whole construction project, who will handle the subcontracting of the different specialists and the procurement of the adequate materials, etc.).

Do It Yourself approach

12×16 Barn with Side Porch by shedking on Sketchfab

Buy a Pre-Fab Log House

If you want to opt for building yourself, our recommendation is to use one Estonian EZ LOG structure DIY kit because of their innovative DIY approach, large selection of designs, low cost of acquisition, and fast assembly time that can be done by regular people, not to mention that it is a great way to participate in the construction process with your own hands, which will give you a boost on your self-esteem…

EZ LOG Structures has a large selection of models/sizes of eco-friendly base structures that suits different family size requirements, and it can be assembled in a very short amount of time with no special tools (1-3 days depending on the size of the structure), and are beautiful to the eye. This short animation shows how easy could be to build your own cabin:

More about EZ LOG Structures

Recommended Eco-friendly technologies

Once you have your base home structure built, it is time to start adding ECO-friendly features. You may want to consider to use a few from the following Ecological technologies list that we have compiled for your easy access:

LED LIGHTING & SOLAR ENERGY EXPERTS: Our founder created ENERGY MARKET, an open source Design and Manufacturing Academy Ecosystem to further develop LED Lighting and Solar Lighting Applications in Latin America, back in 2007-8. ENERGY MARKET‘s Academy trained more than 2,000 people on these topics, and helped dozens of entrepreneurs to start their own business in the Energy Efficiency sector using Solar and LED technologies (see details here).

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If you have questions or you would like to receive our support for adopting any of these technologies feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you !