FREEDOM Project’s Overview

The facts and events that have brought us all to the current situation we face globally in which our Freedoms and Rights are being systematically reduced/eliminated under the excuse of artificial trends imposed by a ruling elite, namely the “Cancel Culture”, “The Great Reset” or the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” have their roots on History, Economy, Sociology, Psychology, etc.

After accumulating many years of living, studying and working experience in Chile, Argentina, USA, and Canada working for the most notable corporations of the Pharmaceutical, Religious, Financial services, Construction, Education as well as Government, I’ve came to the conclusion that unregulated Capitalism is similar to an invasive weed left unattended in a farming field. It will take all the nutrients from the environment and asfixiate the valuable crop, ruining the farmer.

I don’t pretend to be exhaustive, rather to be able to present a simplified model for each of the causes of our current situation, and hopefully to propose initiatives which would be effective in supporting persons who want to “quit” the current system and go far to live a new life, hopefully in communities formed by like-minded individuals/families.

Indeed, the objective is to provide some guidelines and also some training when required, for allowing the general public to rebuild a society based on Humanism, shielded from the current power structures and their mechanisms which have droven us to the current crisis and towards a dystopian future as they have already depicted with their Agenda 2030.

If you want to submit observations or additional elements please contact me by filling the contact form available under the ABOUT menu. I will appreciate if you can be concise and support your observations by including sources if possible, so I can incorporate them in the best possible manner into the material.

Please consider that this publication will be always a “work-in-progress” project, as initially there is a lot of information that will be needed to be accomodated, reviewed, later edited, and so on because the current events are still unfolding and therefore, the contents will need to be updated accordingly.

In the following paragraphs you will be presented with brief summaries under each heading, which correspond to chapters that can be accessed in more detail by clicking it under the FREEDOM Project’s menu, or by clicking the summary’s heading, in which case you will see the chapter’s contents in a pop-up window. The contents are most of the time organized chronologically.

Origins of Tyranny

This comes back to the dawn of Civilization… Human nature allows those ambitious to try to impose their domination yoke over their fellowmen. This has been always the case, and as humans we tend to believe that we have overcome this nefast recurrent trait, but it has been keeping emerging at every age of Humanity, under different power personifications.

Planned World Takeover

Yes, free-masons, illuminaties and members of many other secret combinations, including churches and charities have existed/exist in our world, each attempting to gain more and more power/control over the rest of the Humanity… Yes, the smart and evil minds always use all the resources they have at their reach to deceive / control / exploit others, usually creating structures wrapped on positive values to attrack the unadverted, yet charged with dark agendas for the sake of power and explotaition over those who are weaker or in disadvantage.

Sources of Imbalances

Manipulation of the laws (i.e., lobby), creation of institutions that perpetuate the power grip, the corporations, the system of intellectual property and patents and sequestration of brains, the roll-out of a “democratic show” to keep populations quite, also a manipulated education system which promotes especialization of trades with a partial view of the reality rather than an integrated systemic approach that allows societies to react when a plot is in its inception. Also modern practices such as social engineering, bio-engineering, media control, baking system, etc. are all at the toolkit of the globalists.

A Systemic Fight-back Strategy

This is the biggest chapter, no doubt about it. Different tactics and efforts can be implemented under this chapter to help us fight back the tyranny and technological control that threaten us. The challenge is big, as there is no one solution that fits all the situations, but there are several tools that are key when defining a integrated, comprehensive strategy to fight-back the Globalists:

  1. Reaching a Critical Mass
    At a local level, only a few families would be needed to start a self-sustainable community. Temptation is to wait until the number of supporters is large for starting any activism or a community. The problem is that our modern societies have been socially engineered to become apathic, and with the imposition of the pLandemic’s restrictions, social interactions have reached an historical minimum, creating a lot of challenges for those of us who want to engage our fellowmen into a fight-back response. A Chinese quote says “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tzu), so this is a change of mindset of those not happy with the status quo who want to see any significant change in the world that we have unto us. As other guote suggests: “Insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results” (Starhawk), don’t expect to see improvements in your life if you continue waiting other to improve the world. Think about it: To start a community, all is needed is to have two families to start. Over time, the two families will become four, later eight, etc.
  2. Abolishing Corporations
    It is evident that the biggest transnational corporations in all industries are the ones that are causing the greatest degree of damage to the social tissue, everywhere. For that reason it is urgent to ban for ever the figure of the Corporation. At the same time that Corporations are banned, it is necessary to promote entrepreneurship and limited liability entreprises, and impose a limit on their growth to avoid the emergence of Monopolies which could bring us back to the same situation we face today. Protect and promote the private property, but limiting its size according to the productive capacity of the entrepreneur’s assets (i.e., limited Real Estate, limited size of entreprise) and also limiting the freedoms and rights they have, in comparison to human beings). The biggest factor which is responsible for the current crisis is that Corporations have ilimited power to raise money, ilimited power to sue and being sued, and ilimited influence in the creation of laws, and most notably, they provide a shield to investors from the wrong-doing that corporations do, allowing them to use the corporation constructs as machines for looting natural resources, for depriving people of their property, and those machines can impose market conditions, laws, and other practices that detriment the general public.
  3. Reafirming Universal Human Rights and Freedoms
    It is urgent to re-vitaliser the current Universal declaration of the Human Rights and Freedoms, which is presented in the United States and many other countries, as rights being inalienables, granted to men by God… The globalists’ intent is to eliminate the God figure from society, and with that to eliminate the rights and freedoms that most of the Constitutions grant as an act of divine origin… The only way to protect the future generations from the reduction of their freedoms and rights is to reinstate the Constitutions which grant equal rights and freedoms to its citizens, and recognize these Human rights at a global basis. This of course, it will create friction on those few regimes that have a dictatorial nature (i.e., Chine, and other exceptions). To solve the problem, the nations of the world should establish that those countries willing to interact with other countries should adopt the Universal Chart of Freedoms and Rights, and if they don’t do it, they should be banned from commerce with the countries signataires of the Universal Chart of Freedoms and Rights.
  4. Promoting Community Life and Humanism
    A Nation’s strength is determined by the strength of its culture, which in turn is determined by the strength of its etnicities, and the strength of an etnic group resides in the strength of its families. The foundation of an individual resides on his/her family. Social activities allow the individual to learn, reinforce, and transfer his family values, etnic culture, and nation values. For that reason, social activities should be promoted, as they will allow a community to strength itself, its families and its individuals. Activities such as Cinema sessions, art and live performance events, DIY (do it yourself) training workshops, tea meetings, sport matches, reading sessions, charity activities (real ones), community farming, community construction, leisure activities, festivals, etc. should be promoted to strengthen the community.
  5. Promoting Sustainable and Efficient Technologies
    The biggest impact on the environment comes from the implementation of the accelerated obsolescence and all the resources that are discarded into dumping fields. This creates a huge pressure on the environment, triggering a chaing of demand for raw materials that has reached dangerous proportions. It is urgent to slow down, and to make better use of the raw materials. In this line, it is necessary to ban programmed obsolescence design, promoting “classic” repair trades. Equally important, in order to promote the self-reliance, technologies such as solar, eolian, hydraulic, biomass as sources of energy, at a sustainable level, shoud be promoted in a way of not damaging the environment nor people. Also community should promote recycling, permaculture, organic farming and livestock and ban chemical pesticides, GMO seeds, and DNA modification procedures in people and animals.
  6. Replacing Central Governments with De-centralization
    While it is important to promote multi-community projects, where the natural monopolies (i.e., railroads, ship companies, etc.), and other large-scale projects would be desirable (i.e., Surgical specialized hospitals, or Universities to serve a large set of communities), it is important that each community seeks its own progress, adopting a self-reliant, sustainable approach. In this context, all the decisions related to the community should be taken at the community level, by its community members. No community should be forced to implement projects or approve laws not forged at the community. For that reason, the community governance should reside at the community level in an autonomous way.
  7. Replacing 4G/5G/6G Networks with Healthy Alternatives
    Promoting fiber optics/wired high bandwidth and low badwidth, low-energy wireless radio-frequency messaging technologies in order to avoid any health adverse effects on humans/animals/plants. LoRa is a low energy and long range radio-frequency technology that doesn’t require the current Internet nor the cell-phone networks to set-up a local message-based communication network to connect community members same way pagers were used in the past. LoRa can be extended for several hundred of kilometers, and be maintained with only small solar pannels repeaters, with very low investments. This technology is also suitable to provide a development transactional platform via a smartphone which is used as an Input/Output device. LoRa tiny modules can handle the connection and communication between nodes across a mesh network. As such, it can implement a ample game of systems, such of one for voting projects, or a system for managing transactions among community members, spreading news, invitations to events, etc.
  8. Re-engineering the Global Internet
    One of the technologies that has helped the most the Globalist in their intent of dividing and weakinging nations, cultures and societies has been the global Internet. For that reason, the WWW needs to be restricted in a way that it won’t pose a threat to the general public as we know it today, and replace it with local Internet networks that serves teh interests and needs of the community. By closing the access to the WWW the community members would be more protected from external influences designed, and implemented so successfully by the globalist during the last 20-30 years. Access to the global Internet should be available only at the Local Public Libraries / Universities where citizens, scholars and students would be able to use it for research and knowledge building purposes only. Other initiative would be to remove all violent games with the exception of games that develop the mind such as Chess, or other games that develop mathematics, literature, science, history, etc. on the person. Also, it would be a good idea to create a program for the interchange of contents/knowledge with other communities based on SSD (Solid State Drive) as a medium in absence of high band-width Internet (i.e., collection of presentations, education materials, art performances, etc.) The intent of this measure is to protect community members– specially the children, from external manipulation that most likely will be intesified by the isolated globalist elite who once enjoyed full-power over the general public. Computer games would be available but only for games that do not promote the degradation and destruction of human values, rather that help to develop mental health and desirable skills. Games such as those of first-person shooting would be banned.
  9. Replacing the Global Currencies with Local Currencies
    Banning the global fiat currency (both in paper and in all its digital forms, including crypto-currencies with global reach) and replacing it with local currency systems, with a limited circulating matched to the needs of each local community. Also establishing chambers of interchange of local currencies between communities, and defining an inter-community asset value (i.e., gold?) which could facilitate the trade among communities which are not located in the same region.
  10. Replacing the Politician Middle-man
    Traditional politicians (or middle-man vulnerable to external influences/control) can be replaced with a local automated system that would allow the community members to directly define their desired projects, vote on them, and rank them according to their popular vote, and thus it would facilitate the execution of prioritary projects by providing a transparent platform which the community’s project manager could use to report the project’s execution progress on a timely and transparent manner.
  11. Replacing Other Current Esential Systems
    The other current esential systems (i.e., Health, Food, Education, Financial Services, Construction, News/Entertainment media, Information Technologies, Trade, Intellectual Property and Patents, etc.) as we know them are currently controlled by Corporations. Their goal is to keep captive its client-base. Hence the Pharma/Health System will seek to keep sick all the population, the Food industry will seek to have its client base adicted to its products. It is urgent to replace it with an integrative health-approach, such as Dr. Hamer’s New Germanic Medicine, as well as a health-based education/practices which promote active and healthy lifestyles. The focus of medicine should be treating the diseases’ causes instead of treating their symptoms. Any non-invasive, non-addictive approach that aligns with this vision should be explored and promoted.
  12. Banning the Military Industry and Replacing it with Peace-keepers
    No doubt that the military complex who profits from war has caused a tremendous damage to the world population, countries, and individuals. For that reason, it is urgent to ban the industries related to war from our societies and use the talent and resources that this industry literally burns into genocidal wars, and put them to the service of projects that will improve the living conditions of humanity. Nevertheless, each local community should have an organized force of peace-keepers among its commity members who would fulfill a mixed role of police and military, with the purpose of identifying and fighting internal and external threats/attacks. This force is necessary as the powerful globalists elites will use all their resources for directing mercenaries to attack the independent communities and reduce their power. Local peace-keepers forces would make alliances and joint exercises with other communities’ peace-keepers to create an organized army suitable to fight the globalists mercenaries, and eliminating them, along their masters in the long run.