Earth Movement

Earth Movement Equipment Manufacturing & Design Improvement experience

Our founder worked for CASE Corp. Headquarters (1996, Racine, US) as part of his MBA internship.  During this time he contributed with innovative design concept improvements and facilitated the drafting of three engineering & manufacturing product improvement proposals for the Case 580 Super L loader/backhoe family, which were submitted to the Chief Operations Officer’s office (1996), namely: Swing Valve Improvement, ROPS improvement, and Operator’s Seat Improvement proposals.

Later, he worked for AMO & CIA LTDA, an Earth-Movement Company that had a portfolio of several large earth-movement projects for Industrial Clients.

During 2019 he decided to select key models of mini-excavators from different Chinese Manufacturers to address the needs of small farm owners (0.8 to 1 Ton), landscapers (from 1.2 to 1.6 Ton), and construction entrepreneurs (2.0 Tons and plus), and offer to them a personalized service that allows them to save in average 30%-40% of the cost of a similar machine bought from established dealers in Canada.

Hands-on experience Operating Earth-moving equipment as a Landscaper

Besides learning to operate skillfully the Case 580 Super L model while working in the CASE manufacturing plant, he started a Landscaping business to combine all the areas where he achieved advanced technical skills (i.e., earth-movement, LED Lighting, and Solar Energy.)

Therefore, after having rented several medium and compact-size Kubota loader-backhoes (see picture below), and later having acquired two Kubota tractors in the medium and subcompact category, he developed enough mechanical knowledge of the BX compact Loader-Backhoe family, as for being able to create an innovative solution that allows to replace in only one hour the HST Fan without disassembling the transmission (tasks that it takes around 8 hours.)

All that hands-on experience in earth-moving,  came as a result of a Landscaping start up back in 2013-14, and the early induction to the fascinating world of the Heavy equipment back in 1997 at CASE Corporation.

Below can be seen a few pictures of a rainfall erosion control, pond building, and other landscaping jobs:


Hands-on experience on Stone/Rock Works

Rock ladders, Natural rock retention walls, Rock edging, River stone paths, Decorative river stone retention walls, etc.:

Hands-on experience on Water Works

Hand-crafted Fountain/Pond:

Add LED lights to your Fountain/Pond::

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