Welcome to the “FREEDOM Project” page. Here you will find some tools that will help us to gain critical mass, organize ourselves into independent and self-reliant communities, and why not: over time when our number will be big enough we would be capable to exercise our power and take back the control of our lives, and most likely to walk thru the creation of a totally new order led by the people and for the people where villians, regardsless of their power and wealth will be punished for the crimes they have committed or will commit against Humanity.

I’ve organized the contents as sub-menues under the FREEDOM Project menu. I invite you to click under the different categories, to browser the different aspects of this initiative.

I’d like to invite you to assess the feasibility of all the proposals presented, and also to propose new ideas that can either improve the ones listed here, or propose new initiatives that could be of value in the accomplishment of the ultimate goal of this project: Give us back our FREEDOM.

Please feel free to share this site with your friends, and acquaintances, as the bigger the international net of communities working in-sync, the bigger the impact that we can achieve in favour to our living conditions.


MBA, Civil Industrial Engineer