Kubota BX HST Fan Repair

After buying an used Kubota BX24D Loader/Backhoe and restoring it had the chance to develop a simple procedure for replacing the broken HST Fan in less than one hour without requiring to bring the tractor to the dealer, nor requiring to disassemble the transmission.

If you want to get your HST Fan replaced, I can do it for $200 plus part cost (around $15) plus travel from J8R 1C7 to your location (at a rate of $2 per km).

If you are mechanic and want to be trained on this simple procedure and help to become happy again a lot of Kubota BX owners, I encourage you to contact me to coordinate the training details.

Hernán Moraga-Müller
Industrial Engineer

Note: I’m not a Kubota certified engineer.

(and I will be happy to share with you what I know)