ECO-LIFE Ecosystem

ECO-LIFE is the place where you can find all you need to build a more sustainable life, or create your business around sustainability.

Our turbulent modern world is pushing too many people out of the housing market, the job market, the health care and social security networks, and making more difficult to get a good quality education aligned with the emerging needs from the world as it is changing today.

The purpose of the ECO-LIFE Ecosystem is to help the average person who wants to overcome the challenges from the actual world pressures by giving them tools to build a sustainable home, to facilitate the adoption of sustainable food production techniques using a collection of technologies that are environment friendly. Also, we offer our experience and guidance to people in their design and construction of their sustainable homes, along with permaculture practices to improve the environment and community while producing healthy foods in a sustainable manner.

Permaculture, aquaponics, solar energy, zero-energy input pumping systems, solar energy, passive heating designs, energy efficiency, electrical machines (e-bikes, e-cars, e-tractors, etc.), community organization, project administration, personal computing, information management, accounting, auditing, and e-government technologies, along with a trade market community are all areas of expertise that we offer in the ECO-LIFE Ecosystem.

Tribute to a visionary: Viktor Schauberger

No matter if you want to build your sustainable small-footprint home, or establish a business based on Sustainability, or to offer your products and services to others in an ECO Market, you will find in ECO-LIFE a good Ecosystem where to contribute and receive support from the community.



Oil & Gas industry has successfully taken over the Environmental movements to gain popular support for the highly damaging practice of burning the forests as Bio-fuel to replace coil-burning power plants. This documentary presents a clear denounce of how cautious we need to be when being presented Industrial Renewable initiatives, which generally are a sugar coating for continuing with the Oil & Gas and Coil based power generation industries:

Michael Moore Presents “Planet of Humans”, documentary directed by Jeff Gibbs.