Paperless Office– your productivity boost

¿Need a low cost, fast to install, efficient collaboration and information management solution?

Search no more, we have developed “Paperless Office”, a solution for the modern office that will boost team productivity and knowledge about your internal processes, your clients, your suppliers, your industry, and your competition!

In fact, “Paperless Office” is an innovative Information and Document Management solution for Business environments, that reduces up to 90%+ the time required by managers to gather, store, retrieve, personalize and share collaboratively professional information.

This solution was designed, developed, and tested with the collaboration of University UCINF using a Client/Server approach, and is suitable to integrate to any RDBM System via flat files, storing them as documents with predefined format templates. The front-end GUI has been developed with VB6 and integrated to “Folio Views”(*), making the solution very efficient for managing Customer & Supplier Relationships, Projects documentation, Libraries collections, Research, Product information, etc.

“Paperless Office” can be localized and requires little resources and time to install, and can create a collaborative publishing solution, ready-to-go in just hours.

Note: (*) Folio Views is an electronic Publishing solution present in most Fortune 500 firms.  To taste Folio Views’ functionality, download and install one of our latest projects delivered for our client NITAX Financial Services, which consisted in the Design, Compilation and Optimizations of a Folio Views Infobase, with its corresponding Distribution media, of the Nigeria Tax Laws (NTL) 2015 edition (to download a demo installer, click here).

Download a brief Paperless Office’s overview here.

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