Monitoring RF emissions from 5G cellular towers

See a Summary about Canadian RF emission recommendations & standards that I’ve prepared for helping you to get into context, which also has some tools that you may need to do your own research/analysis of the situation.

Later I will add here some additional information connecting the 5G technology to the covid19 disease and the covid19 vaccines, a link that is evident when analyzing each topic itself separately.

Why children shouldn’t be vaccinated

Watch Dr. Malone’s message to parents about the risks of the covid19 mRNA vaccines:

Truth behind covid19

Dr. Erickson speaking out about the inconsistencies of the covid19 story, California, April 22, 2020.

Youtube has removed and keeps censoring any attempt to upload the press-release video of Dr. Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care, which offers Bakersfield’s only private walk-in COVID-19 testing site. They held a press conference on April 22 to report their conclusions about COVID-19 test results. Fortunately, GlobalResearch managed to publish the complete interview that you can watch here.

If you want to read further good quality investigative reports, I suggest you to consider examining the following:

There is an increasing number of health professionals denouncing the non-sense of the way this “pandemic” is being handled, how nonexistent respirators’ shortages have been created in hospitals (to justify the purchasing of thousands of respirators for UCI not supplied by traditional respirator firms, but supplied by General Motors!), how physicians are pressured to report in death certificates deaths caused by covid19 even if the deceased didn’t have confirmed the infection, and yet the total reported covid19 mortality numbers are not bigger than the expected every year from seasonal flu. Persons with the ability to research the statistics of death causes on their countries can corroborate this claim.

How Bill Gates monopolized Global Health (from The Corbett Report)

Bill Gates and his foundation is in the center of the polemic around covid19 as he has been promoting mandatory vaccination and his Foundation has been financing the PIRBRIGHT research on coronavirus vaccines, with patents dating from 2017 (see patent from Nov 2018). It is also a known fact that he has invested most of his fortune in GMO technology, and the Big Pharma industry. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (an activist defender of children rights) has denounced how the big pharma has taken control of the CDC in US and the WHO, and he is leading a campaign to have the White House investigating into the “Bill and Melinda Gates foundation” for Medical Malpractice and Crimes Against Humanity, which has reached close to half of million signatures at the time of publishing this article).

I encourage the persons interested in knowing the truth behind the current events, to research and listen to the experts in their respective scientific fields that are in the frontline, and not to theorists (academics) that usually are eager for having media exposition and are subject of being manipulated by the Big Pharma which usually targets highly visible physicians to articulate their corrupted strategies. I worked several years for NOVARTIS and other national pharmaceutical companies, and I can affirm that they use bribing and corruption to manipulate physicians and their medical associations in any possible way in order to increase the sales of their expensive drugs, no matter at what cost for the patients and for the general population.


Powerful organizations dominated by Eugenicists groups combined with a corrupted Big Pharma industry have created this terror campaign around covid19 attributed deaths, which evidence suggests is not bigger than the death mortality and spread caused by the seasonal flu every year.

With the complicity of mainstream media, and with no more Facts than the number of deaths that every year the seasonal flu creates, power/profit hungry groups have created panic among the population to accept an unprecedented Economic and Social destruction.

Just consider how all the measures taken place in almost all the countries world-wide are interestingly aimed at weakening the immune system of healthy people (i.e., excess use of hand sanitizers to avoid contact with the bacterial/viral flora that builds up our immune system, self-isolation, poor dietary habits, sedentary life style, fear, depression caused by the job loss, etc.), while the contrary is what sound science suggests when society faces infectious epidemics (i.e., increasing the care of the most vulnerable, isolate only the infected people not the healthy individuals, promote healthy food habits, increase exercise, take sun baths, breathe fresh air, promote a healthy mind with an occupation, etc.). In fact, isolation should be applied only to infected people, and the additional protection measures should be applied only to people who have an immune system significantly deteriorated with little chances of overcoming a viral infection.

This very pattern alone is evidence that those behind this world-wide unjustifiable terror campaign are the result of corrupted corporate actions upon politicians and medical authorities, which reflects their “modus operandi” so widely known at a world-wide level.

Therefore, the reader should keep in mind, that all the recommendations coming from the establishment are aimed to increase control over the healthy population, demoralize it, and are aimed to eventually reduce the world population. Namely, mandatory lock-downs, destruction of economy and employment for the big majority of the population, increased use of antiseptics in hands and isolation from any source of significant beneficial bacteria and virus, mental deceases that comes from all this situation, will quickly lower the immune system of people, and the big risk is that when the lock down is raised, people will go outside the world and be exposed to opportunistic viruses that will hit them stronger because they immune systems will be weakened.

How to protect your family from this covid19 global threat

The best way to protect you and your family is to do exercise daily, walk outside and take the sun and fresh air, eat healthy food, and develop activities that would prevent you from falling in depression, such as a construction project, etc., and most important do not isolate your self in a sterile bubble, rather allow bacteria and viruses usually found in your environment and other people to reach you. This is is the only natural way to build a strong immune system.

Remember to eat healthy. Prepare your own foods instead of ordering pizza/fast food. Avoid drug and alcohol abuse. Engage in social contact and a constructive routine, even if you lost your job. Join groups that are in-sink with your plan to combat this crisis, etc.

Use all the means you can to inform and share the knowledge you have, in order to defeat this global threat manufactured by the dark powers of our modern world, and together, if we reach huge numbers, we will be able to defeat this evil take-over attempt.

Personally, I’ve found that magnesium chloride (a variety of natural sea salt) is probably the best mineral-complement to boost my immune system, as it is key in more than 600 biochemical cellular reactions, being one of them the production of energy at the cellular level. Every time that I feel my immune system weakening when getting the first flu symptoms, I drink a tablespoon of magnesium oil, followed with a glass of water, and usually in a matter of minutes I start to feel a higher energy level in my body, and in a matter of hours I can perceive my immune system stronger. Usually after 4-6 hours after taking magnesium chloride, I feel free of the flu symptoms. It is so good to have this natural allied which was discovered during the American Conquer times, by catholic priests in South America.

I don’t sell magnesium chloride, but you can find it in natural pharmacies and in flakes on Ebay, etc. Do your own research and you will find many other benefits on your health… You won’t regret the time invested in investigating about its health benefits. Be aware that during your investigation you will find many discrediting information, apparently coming from medical authorities, but be assured that those personages have been widely debunked as physicians that have been paid by the big pharma to discredit this abundant and cheap essential mineral for our health. Also, be assured that there is plenty of medical research made about it, all verifying many, and many benefits for the human health.