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We were touched by the challenge that Dali Jaàd (see his Facebook support group here:, a Tunisian young man is going thru:  He is 25 years old and suffers from Ataxia– a degenerative decease that destroys his nervous system.

Dali is the third children suffering this decease in his family.  Her older brother died a couple years ago.

Recently, Dali’s wheel chair broke, and he has been confined to his home, without the possibility of going to the hospital for having the exercises that he requires.  His quality of life has deteriorated considerably. In fact, he has been absent from Facebook lately due to a heart condition.

I’ve learned about Dali’s situation thanks to my wife, who was touched by his drama.  She has done several efforts in trying to get a wheel-chair donated:  she contacted a few wheelchair foundations (in US and Canada), but they replied that they can’t donate a wheel chair to this young man.

My wife later called her Facebook’s friends, but most of them ignored her call; only a few of them walked the same path that she did, in an attempt for getting an Hospital or Charity organization to donate a wheel-chair, used or new, but with no success so far. THE SHOCKING REALITY IS THAT CHARITY ORGANIZATIONS ARE NOT SO CHARITABLE, AND HOSPITALS HAVE NO RESOURCES…

Therefore, as a family we’ve decided to take Dali’s problem personally: We’ve committed in creating a fund-raising campaign for buying a new wheelchair and having it shipped to Dali’s home from China: it only cost USD 320:

See here the wheelchair we want to buy for Dali:

So, I am asking you to donate whatever you can donate (see right side bar). Whatever we don’t fund-raise, ECOSOL will top-up to cover the purchase of this wheelchair.

EDIT: When attempting to buy the wheelchair, the supplier declined to ship it to Tunisia without adding $200 additional for “shipping to a remote area”. So we had to ask more family members for their financial aid. We are closer, but still we need more help…

So far, we have raised:

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List of Donors (thanks a lot!):

– Carolina Moraga (QC, Canada) … $40
– Karem Caba (NY, USA) … $20
– Ma. Carolina Morales (QC, Canada) … $60
– Carmen Parraguez (Santiago, Chile) … $200

Thanks for reading and taking action!