We love eBikes…

We are in the initial stage of creating an interest group of people that is willing to learn about electrical motors, battery technology, and other mechanical aspects that are required to convert an ordinary bike into an electric bike.

INCREASE YOUR SECURITY DURING NIGHT RIDES: I can install on your bike / jacket a LED colour system that allows you to choose different dynamic/static effects for only $100. OR you can buy our KIT for $60 plus shipping and Do It Yourself: in 1-2 hours you can pimp your Bike with our RGB LED KIT (kit includes: 5 meters LED RGB stripe with self-adhesive + compact controller + 24-48V/12V converter + mini power switch). We provide instructions and diagram of how to do this project:


Watch this video showing what can you do with your bike once converted into an electric bike, suitable for Mountain Biking:

More details coming soon, according to the people signed in…

Contact Us! and let’s talk about your project!