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Hernan Moraga (mba/industrial engineer) is an international expert in the Information Technology and Business Transformation disciplines. Hernan has innovated in the Information Management/Records Management, Procurement, and Electronics manufacturing domains. Always promoter of cost-cutting solutions that simultaneously improves work environments, has gained a good reputation in different business functions and industries.

Back in 1998, Hernan founded “E-CONSULTING”–an IT/Business Consulting & Implementation firm.  His company gained the status of Folio Corporation’s PREMIER PARTNER for the Chilean Territory–Folio Corporation is a US-based software house that developed the Folio Views publishing software family, which is widely used by information professionals in most of Fortune 500 corporations. E-CONSULTING was reselling and supporting Folio Views’ customer base in the Chilean territory, as Folio Corporation’s exclusive partner from 1998 until 2005. In this capacity served the Financial Sector, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, News and professional Information providers. Furthermore, his company provided IT support, and Web services to Chilean and international customers. For instance, served in IT support activities to NOVARTIS for more than 4 years, and JAMES HARDIE for 3+ years.

E-Consulting major milestone was the design of “Paperless Office”–an innovative approach to manage all professional documentation of any business setting, that integrates the Folio Views Infobases (non-structured data) with ERPs (structured data) thanks to its integrative automation approach using a Client/Server architecture. Paperless Office provides a simple to install yet scalable and powerful document, collaboration and business relationship management solution, with a fast deployment set-up (only hours) and an very low cost of ownership price tag, capable to work in Windows and Linux environment simultaneously.

Paperless Office’s platform is designed to easily integrate to any RDBMS or legacy system, and can publish business contents into a secure Infobase using pre-designed forms, similar concept as CSS and HTML. Information captured and stored in the Infobase, can be customized, shared, secured, and made accessible via LAN, WAN, or the Internet, using encrypted rights management.

At last but not at least, Hernan has been always concerned about the environment and communities. In 2007, he organized in Chile the 1st International Seminar on Sustainable Economy, hosting Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Tarah Suzuki, and the Hounorable Lawrence Macwhineey, major of the town of Lunenburg, NS:

Hernan Moraga, Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Tarah Suzuki, Carolina Moraga, Lawrence McWhinney, Chile 2007From Left to right: Hernan Moraga, Dr. David Suzuki, Dr. Tarah Suzuki, Carolina Morales, and the Hounorable Lawrence Macwhineey, major of the town of Lunenburg, NS.
And prior to migrating to Canada, he founded ENERGY MARKET, an ecosystem to promote entrepreneurship, and design simplified design and construction methodologies for building LED and Solar-based Lighting Solutions, who trained more than 2,000 people and helped dozens of others to become successful entrepreneurs in the LED and Solar energy fields.

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